WHAT: The VIRTUAL Bike For Women is a way for you to bike whenever and wherever it works for you between April 30 and May 14, 2023. You can choose to do the ride indoors or outdoors. 
WHY:  This offers us the opportunity for racers who may not be ready to race in person or may not be in town on May 7 to be part of one of Alaska’s favorite women’s biking events. We want to ensure all who want to race can race. It is a great opportunity for friends from near and far to challenge each other individually or just enjoy a ride together.

WHOCheck out the Virtual Roster

WHEN: Complete your ride on or between April 30 – May 14

WHERE: You pick your favorite 9-mile course and choose who you want to ride with, if anyone.

CHANGE TO VIRTUAL: If you are signed up for the live event, you can switch to the virtual event. You must do so before April 30 Send an email to Registration@Bike4Women.com and we'll move you over. 
You cannot switch from the virtual event to the live event.

SWAG/MERCHANDISE PICK-UP: Yes! Virtual racers get swag! Please pick up you swag and/or pre-ordered merchandise at the bib pick-ups 

Please note that you can have a friend pick up your swag for you!

Are you a "Bib Collector"? We do have some extra bibs available if you would like one. They will be available at the in-person bib-ups.

MERCHANDISE: Bike For Women merchandise is available for purchase online and at either of the bib pick-ups.

Results: To enter your results you need the confirmation email that was sent to you from the Arctic Bicycle Club-Road Division or the email that was sent from Joann Mitchell - Race Director. In the email is a link to access the virtual event. Click on the link, then click on the link to Add Manual Results.Don't worry about being precise! There aren't any prizes for the virtual event--this is just a fun way to see who else is doing the virtual event. You have until midnight on May 8 to enter your results.

Share the Fun! Post your photos here Bike For Women - Facebook

Awards / Prizes: There will be no awards for fastest virtual racers but come to the awards party for great giveaways!

TRIPLE FINISHERS PATCH: Virtual participants are eligible for the Triple Finishers patch!

  • For your safety WEAR your HELMET but DON’T WEAR iPods, MP3 players, air pods, ear buds, or headphones. 
  • If riding on a road, stay close to the shoulder. Do not ride side by side! If you are riding with family or friends at a recreational pace, ride single file so cars will not be impeded and faster cyclists can safely pass you. Remember to be alert for cars.
  • If riding on shared trails, ride at a safe speed.

May 7, 2023
20 Miles north of Anchorage, Alaska
or race virtually April 30 - May 14
 on your own course