MAY 5, 2019 - 9:30 a.m.
20 Miles north of Anchorage, Alaska
​Awards Party!
Monday, May 6th
7:00 - 8:00 PM
Chain Reaction Cycles
Come out and enjoy some good food, good friends, presentation of awards, and some fun giveaways. 

Photos from the Awards Party can are posted on the Awards page!
Bike for Women 2019 is a Wrap!
The 2020 Bike for Women will be May 3, 2020,
Results are posted!
Congrats to the 2019 overall winner, Teresa Ulrich!
Congrats to the 2019 Overall Junior winner, Cadence Stull!
Top 5 overall winners:
1). Teresa Ulrich, 2.) Rebecca McKee
3.) Sheryl Loan, 4.) Sheryl Mohwinkel-Fleming, 5.) Ellie Mitchell
Top 5 Overall Junior (10-14) winners:
1). Cadence Stull2.) Aviana Sorich, 3.) Kalima Glascott, 4.) Abigail Kragt, 5.) Meredith Duhrsen