May 1, 2022
20 Miles north of Anchorage, Alaska
or race virtually April 24 - May 8
 on your own course
Bike for Women is Alaska's premier all-women's time trial. Started in 2000, this annual event takes place on a 9 mile course that provides both challenging uphills and breath-catching downhills. Over 700 women of all ages and abilities participate in this fun competition, which serves as a great precursor to the Gold Nugget Triathlon and other summer races.

The Bike for Women is part of the Arctic Bike Club's road race division and is the main fund raiser for the club. And since 2014, the club has also been donating $3.00 of every registration to Let Every Woman Know Alaska--a charity dedicated to raising awareness and providing support for women living with gynecological cancers.

399 women took to the start line on Sunday, May 2, 2021 and celebrated the return of the Bike for Women! It was a bit cool, but no rain and essentially no wind! 

Congratulations to Teresa Ulrich, Overall 2021 Winner!
The top 10 overall winners were:
1. Teresa Ulrich (23:33)
2. Sheryl Mohwinkel-Fleming (23:38)
3. Sheryl Loan (24:26)
4. Kinsey Loan (24:36)
5. Kelsey Tranel (24:48)
6. Morgan Aldridge (25:04)
7. Amber Stull (25:39)
8. Summer Ohlendorf (25:41)
9. Holly Martinson (25:44)
10. Deana Watson (25:47)

And Dara Stull, Overall 2021 Junior Winner 
(under 14)! 
The top 5 Juniors were:
1. Dara Stull (30:05)
2. Madelin Lowen (30:27)
3. Keena Bennett (33:58)
4. Ariana Williams (34:39)
5. Gretchen Wuttke (36:52)

Click here for the winners listed by Age Group (updated 5/5/21).

Click here for the winners listed Overall (updated 5/5/21).

Awards will be given to the 
  • Top 3 OVERALL
  • Top 3 Overall Juniors
  • Top 3 in each Age Group (Note that the overall winners are taken out of their age group for awards--so you don't win an overall award and an age group award)
Awards will be handed out at the Trek Store on Monday, May 3 between 6 and 7 pm. Stop in to get your award. If you can't make it during that time, the Trek Store will hold your award for you. Please pick it up by the end of May.

Virtual racers have until May 9 to finish their race. 
You pick your favorite 9 mile course and choose who you want to ride with. You can go at your own pace—no prizes for fastest time but we will have some random fun gifts. Registration for the virtual race is closed. 
For more information about the Virtual Race, click here.

All 2021 racers (in-person and virtual) are eligible for the Triple Finishers Patch award! If you compete in at least two of the other all-women events (Ski for Women, Run for Women, and/or the Gold Nugget) you will get a Triple Finishers Patch!
Registration Opens Feb 15, 2022!
If you deferred in 2021, registration opens Feb 1. You will receive an email with instructions.